Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach is a city located north of Daytona Beach. Ormond Beach was originally established as a tourist destination for the wealthy, including the town’s earliest settler John D. Rockefeller. Popular destinations in Ormond Beach include Tomoka State Park and its historical downtown also referred to as Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach is the perfect location as it is close to larger cities including Daytona Beach and just over an hour away from Orlando.

Ormond Beach Market Statistics

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Ormond Beach Market Prices

  • 439224.71,456418.45,473765.53,455151.93,496925.49,506687.67,515673.96,566841.24,575753.92,556207.60,511303.04,519843.58
  • 354869.29,376104.88,396935.75,384916.38,420521.49,374568.52,415195.09,457875.06,466091.40,451081.27,388816.43,450306.46
  • 322500.00,335200.00,339000.00,321750.00,339000.00,334000.00,334950.00,351916.00,372000.00,379900.00,365000.00,361695.50
  • 314950.00,314900.00,305450.00,309986.00,327500.00,318625.50,349000.00,369900.00,379900.00,365000.00,359000.00,369000.00

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